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custom vintage furniture relove

After giving up my day job in 2012, the goal was to transform true passion into a creative venture that followed ideas of what it means to live in a kinder world.


With skills of design and woodworking in hand, mixed in some vintage inspiration, that led to building a micro business creating one-of-a-kind upcycled and handcrafted custom furniture. I am grateful for the impact made with conscious material use and stick to a 100% no waste policy, even the sawdust is composted!


By keeping items out of the landfill, by giving things a new life to be loved again, by building new pieces from material that is usually wasted, we are positively contributing to our community, and in a small way, to the state of the world. New pieces use responsibly-sourced, FSC wood and keep within the no waste policy.


And, by using creative skills in this way, I'm pleased to create sustainable, attainable products.

Steve Anderson

Maker, chief, cook and bottle washer


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